iSpiice Announces Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities In India


(Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India)–Integrated Social Programs in Indian Child Education (iSpiice) announces 2-week to 12-week volunteer programs in the Dharamsala region of India that are available year round. Individuals, couples, and groups from around the world and from all walks of life are welcome to Volunteer in India, according to spokesperson Varun Verma.

Said Verma, “We have opportunities available for many different kinds of service, which can allow our volunteers to put their own talents or passions to use. Some of our volunteer activities include teaching English, working with children in summer programs, empowering women, renovating schools and learning centers, providing health education, and even working with computers. However, it’s not necessary for any volunteer to be an expert or have a degree related to the job they choose, except for health care providers. Our only requirement is that volunteers be patient and willing to learn.”

Volunteers generally work for two hours every morning and another two hours in the afternoon. They can take yoga classes in the evening if they wish or participate in add-on weekend excursions to tourist sites. According to Verma, iSpiice takes care of their volunteers and makes sure that they have a comfortable and rewarding experience while Volunteering in India. “We provide accommodations for our volunteers in the iSpiice guest house,” Verma explained, “where they can enjoy delicious food prepared by our chef, Western-style bathrooms with hot water, and the friendship and support of fellow volunteers and iSpiice staff. In addition, we take care of all their transportation needs while they’re with us, including booking the return trip from Dharamsala to Delhi.”

Some of the tourist excursions iSpiice offers include a Himalayan trek, a visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra, and a visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, to name a few. “For many volunteers, the trip to India is their first chance to see the country, so combining tourism with a volunteer experience can make the experience even more rewarding,” said Verma. In addition, iSpiice organizes local tours for no additional cost.

For more information about Volunteer work in India, prospective volunteers are encouraged to visit iSpiice’s website where they can download a detailed information pack. In addition, they can fill out an application form online.

About iSpiice

Integrated Social Programs in Indian Child Education sets out to improve the lives of Indian families. Working in the rural villages of the Dharamsala region of India, the organization pays special attention to making improvements in the quality of life for women and children. As a humanitarian organization, iSpiice is supported by a global network of volunteers. Through partnerships between communities in India and international volunteers, the organization is able to carry out a range of projects. Volunteers can access safe, affordable travel programs in India which provide rewarding and enriching experiences that they will never forget.

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