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Advantages of a Ground Penetrating System

By Namague Sep 23, 2022

Advantages of a Ground Penetrating System

There are various reasons available due to which your underground pipes can get damaged and results you into the thousands of dollar loss. Often a large part of the cost goes only in finding the location of problem or even finding the right pipe. However, this problem can be seriously simplified with the use of an effective ground penetrating radar services.

This radar technology is frequently used in the construction, surveying and underground repair industries. Moreover, recent advancement in radar technology has made it more capable of identifying the exact problems in underground pipes and hence making the underground work more easy and efficient. Therefore, the demand of GPR (Ground penetrating radar) service is being huge in several applications:

In Leak detection

The most common use of ground penetrating radar system is in locating the leaks in water pipes. Pipe leaks can cause major property damage especially, if it is running underneath concrete slabs. It may cause a permanent structural problem to a home or property. GPR provides a quick and effective method for determining the possible areas, where water pipes has damaged. It also provides a clear location to plumbers for repair and digging process.

In utility line location

A ground penetrating radar system can also be used in reconstruction or digging process to ensure the location of current utilities. It also helps property owner to work without damaging the current utilities by determining the exact location of older pipes.

However, you can also locate the location of these older pipes through many other traditional methods that are available. For example before the invention of current radar system, people often use metal detectors to identify the exact location of copper and galvanized pipes. But, since today most pipes are PVC, this method is ineffective in locating these newer pipes.

Identifying ground composition

This technology is also very effective in identifying the underground composition. This is important because different soil requires different constructional method to ensure the structural integrity. A concrete slab that is not placed on solid foundations can crack easily and may cause structural damage to buildings. Therefore, it is important to take the help of a GPR before starting a new constructional project.

Property owners must utilize a good quality GPR services whenever possible. You can easily find an affordable ground penetrating service provider over internet.

By Namague

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