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Free Seo ? The Do It Yourself Approach

Free Seo ? The Do It Yourself Approach

Did you ever wonder about making your site more appealing to the Search Engines? Did you get scared off by the high fees that SEO specialists charge for their services? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then I have some good news for you. There are only a few very effective ways to get good search engine rankings. The techniques are not very hard to learn and only really require time and patience on your part. Let?s get started?.

Domain Name

The trick here is to register a domain name your customers can remember and the search engines think is relevant. Use words in your domain name that describe your product or service. For example, don?t call your site if you sell pink widgets. You would be better off calling your site .

Title Tag

Search Engines value the contents of the Title Tag when ranking your site for keywords. Put your most important keywords in your title tags, using singular and plural versions of each word. Make your tags different and specific for each page on your site. For example, “Pink Widgets and Pink Widget Support”. The Title Tag should be a short logical description of your web page.

Header Tags

The description Meta tag is still used by many (not Google) search engines and is often used for displaying a short description of your website. Use about 20 to 30 words to describe your site and be as comprehensive as possible in the small space allowed. Try using your important keywords within the description tag. The keyword Meta tag is rarely used and should not be considered very important. Just put your important keywords in this space and move on to more important optimization issues.

Image ALT Tags

The ALT tag is used for a very short description of an image or graphic file, and is displayed when your mouse pointer hovers above a graphic. Using your important keywords in the image description has been shown to have a small effect with some search engines.

Keyword density

Different search engines have their own preferences as to how many times a keyword phrase can appear on a given web page in order to demonstrate the importance of that keyword phrase. You should try and make sure that your important keywords have a 5 to 8 percent density in your site. If you keywords have higher than 10 percent density, it may be considered as keyword spamming or stuffing. (This will hurt your search engine rankings dramatically) Use the H1 and H2 heading tags to elevate your important keywords within your site. The keywords contained in these tags are considered slightly more important by search engines.

Inbound Links

Getting inbound links should be considered your most important SEO strategy. Search Engines will rank your site based on the number and quality of inbound links to your site. Links from other highly ranked sites are more valuable and will increase …

Advantages of a Ground Penetrating System

Advantages of a Ground Penetrating System

There are various reasons available due to which your underground pipes can get damaged and results you into the thousands of dollar loss. Often a large part of the cost goes only in finding the location of problem or even finding the right pipe. However, this problem can be seriously simplified with the use of an effective ground penetrating radar services.

This radar technology is frequently used in the construction, surveying and underground repair industries. Moreover, recent advancement in radar technology has made it more capable of identifying the exact problems in underground pipes and hence making the underground work more easy and efficient. Therefore, the demand of GPR (Ground penetrating radar) service is being huge in several applications:

In Leak detection

The most common use of ground penetrating radar system is in locating the leaks in water pipes. Pipe leaks can cause major property damage especially, if it is running underneath concrete slabs. It may cause a permanent structural problem to a home or property. GPR provides a quick and effective method for determining the possible areas, where water pipes has damaged. It also provides a clear location to plumbers for repair and digging process.

In utility line location

A ground penetrating radar system can also be used in reconstruction or digging process to ensure the location of current utilities. It also helps property owner to work without damaging the current utilities by determining the exact location of older pipes.

However, you can also locate the location of these older pipes through many other traditional methods that are available. For example before the invention of current radar system, people often use metal detectors to identify the exact location of copper and galvanized pipes. But, since today most pipes are PVC, this method is ineffective in locating these newer pipes.

Identifying ground composition

This technology is also very effective in identifying the underground composition. This is important because different soil requires different constructional method to ensure the structural integrity. A concrete slab that is not placed on solid foundations can crack easily and may cause structural damage to buildings. Therefore, it is important to take the help of a GPR before starting a new constructional project.

Property owners must utilize a good quality GPR services whenever possible. You can easily find an affordable ground penetrating service provider over internet.…

Email Marketing And The Mailing List

Email Marketing And The Mailing List

We all know that every aspect of Internet marketing has a specific tool that helps to drive traffic and sales, and any email marketing campaign is no different. What you need to concentrate on here is developing and building up a mailing list since that is the real cornerstone of any successful email marketing campaign. Remember that there is no denying the power of a well run email marketing campaign and with that in mind there are specific things you can do to ensure that your mailing list is strong and healthy.

Offer Something For Free

One of the oldest advertising gimmicks in the book is still one of the more effective. Its important to keep in mind that you really want your mailing list to have opt in clients. Those are the people that are much more likely to read what youve got for them, and offering this kind of incentive will push them to sign up. One of the more effective techniques is to get a content writer to write a free ebook and then offer the use of it as a bonus for signing on.


People love to be included in interactive events. Sponsoring a contest on your site draws people in to sign. There is one drawback that youll need to be aware of if you travel this route. Not everyone who subscribes in this manner will eventually convert into a sale. Many of the people that you attract this way will be people habitually playing all the contests looking for the latest freebie.

Article Marketing

This is one of the most tried and tested methods used today. Hiring a ghost writer who will work for a reasonable fee all but ensures that youll get a series of professional articles submitted that cant help but eventually build your mailing list.


Again, this is one of the more traditional but effective methods used on the Internet. Business Directories are a great way of getting your name out there in cyberspace so that you can draw the kind of attention that will help to build your mailing list in the end.

Of course there are other methods that include ad swaps and hover ads, but the major point here is that you want to have people subscribe to your mailing list. That way, youll already have their willing attention and the buildup on your mailing list will result in a solid email marketing campaign.…

Dominating Clickbank In One Easy Step

Dominating Clickbank In One Easy Step

Dominating Clickbank is a new product that was just released on October, 31 2006.

Already on launch day this product seems to be taking off and selling like crazy. I just checked my inbox and all the gurus whose mailing lists I subscribe to are all sending emails promoting Dominating Clickbank. It?s everywhere.

This is a very exciting product as it teaches some very clever ways to make money using Clickbank and utilizing its army of affiliates. I myself am using one of the clever strategies that were revealed in the pdf file they released before the launch. I am not however making the kind of money that is being made by this fellow. I have only made hundreds. But the pdf file revealed something to me that told me I was doing something all wrong and could have been making a lot more money.

Let me tell you about this very cool and clever little trick about buying resell rights products and setting them up with Clickbank and letting Clickbanks army of affiliates promote your product. Well its clever and if you think about it it?s is also very simple when you know how affiliate marketing and Clickbank work.

First a little about Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the, if not the largest seller of digital products such as ebooks and software online. You can find some pretty cool stuff there. Everything there is ranked by popularity including by sales. This means those people in the top ten spots in all categories can easily be making thousands a week. This is in part possible because Clickbank runs an affiliate program. This allows you and me to go to Clickbank and not only purchase anything there but also sell anything there through your own special link. So these people who own the websites in Clickbank have others, known as affiliates, promoting there product online also. Imagine having an army of entrepreneurs promoting your site day and night.

Well that?s where Dominating Clickbank comes in. One of the tricks is to get resell rights products and set up there websites and register them with Clickbank so that you too can have an army of people promoting your product for you. Well like I said it works and is working barely for me. Once I implement the strategies in Dominating Clickbank I should see more sales.

I really don?t think it will work for older and junky products. You need something good to compete in Clickbank. You need a great product and a great website so choose your Resell Rights products products carefully if you want to try this strategy. It could also be called the lazy mans way to profits.

Just do a search online for ?Resell Rights? and you will find plenty of products you can choose to implement this one incredible money making strategy.…

What You Can Expect From Your Chicago Cleaning Service Provider

What You Can Expect From Your Chicago Cleaning Service Provider

In today’s world, it can become difficult for you to clean your house yourself and this can highlight the need to contact a cleaning service provider to help you out. Fortunately, you can choose between a number of them and you’ll be thrilled to discover that there a many of them that provide excellent service.

A provider is going to give you with an experienced team who could do the job and in detail. You can expect them to be well-trained as well as experienced in their field. You could have uninterrupted service on a regular basis because you can expect them to have a team that will always be available to clean your place and all you have to do is to call them up.

Aside from that, your provider offers packages that you can choose from and all of these are flexible enough for your needs. Additionally, they can provide you with an estimate for whatever cleaning job you wand and/or need them to do, thus helping you plan your budget.

One of the reasons why a provider is hired is because they do their task on schedule. What they do is going to let you concentrate on other things without that much worry. Simply put, they won’t be a bother as you do your work. They make sure that either your home or your office gets thoroughly cleaned.

You can go online to search for such a provider. While online, you could simply select one to do the job and once you’ve done so, you can expect a team coming from a cleaning service provider to make use of the latest cleaning methods as well as equipment. They’ll also make sure that no harmful products will be used, so you can be sure about your kids and your pet’s health.

Your service provider can customize plans that can directly work into your schedule as well as make sure that you get the best service possible. Additionally, they are going to try to know a little more about you and what you require so that next time, they’ll know how to better clean your place.

Your service crew cares about your continued patronage and this is why they will absolutely do their best to make sure that your place is spotless. So whether you have a large place or a small one, your cleaning service professional will be more than glad to help to get your place clean.…

Sous Vide Pouches Retains Taste, Nutritional Value and Flavor of Cooked Food

Sous Vide Pouches Retains Taste, Nutritional Value and Flavor of Cooked Food

Sous vide cooking is the latest cooking technique that has emerged from the professional kitchens of top chefs to the regular home cooks wanting to experience cooking gourmet style food in their own kitchens. With the ease provided by affordable equipments and accessories offered by Sous Vide, it is possible even for a novice to cook delicious and great food. As the principle used in this style of cooking is consistent temperature that is slow and using vacuum-sealed food, packing food in vacuum-sealed containers is very much essential to obtain incredible results. Although there are, numerous brands providing pouches and bags to vacuum seal food, using high quality accessories is absolutely necessary to gain all the advantages of sous vide cooking. Considering the continuous pursuit of people in searching high quality vacuum containers Sous Vide Pouches is ultimately the choice of many chefs and home cooks.

Benefits of using Sous Vide Pouches

Sous Vide pouches consistently, safely and aggressively tested for their ability to withstand higher temperatures and durability. As the tests are positive in all manner they are effective, efficient and completely safe to be utilized in sous vide style of cooking.

Although many pouch and bag providers use material that is toxic and harmful to human body, pouches from sous vide are completely safe and healthy to be used in cooking food. These pouches are entirely free of BPA, Lead and Phthalate making them one of the safest and healthiest options that can be reliably used in cooking Sous Vide food.

Considering the direct interaction of materials used in these pouches and their importance in cooking sous vide, food there are certain guidelines needs to be followed essential to maintain health of people. These pouches are complying with all the directives of EU including 2002/72/EC.

As these pouches are specifically designed for, cooking sous vide food they are preferably the most result-oriented accessories that can be used. In addition, when they are combined with the specifically designed sous vide vacuum sealers then the results thus obtained are of great calibre and the food so cooked is utterly delicious.

Due to the high quality material used to manufacture these pouches and by attaining the optimum thickness they are puncture resistant and in all ways help to vacuum seal food items without causing any trouble.

Sous Vide Pouches are affordable and easily available in virtual as well real market places in different sizes, different types and different textures. This makes it one of the most preferred choices of the chefs and home cooks willing to incorporate long duration cooking lasting for days to cook their gourmet food.


Actually sous vide cooking is better utilized by chefs trying to experiment with their culinary skills and while dong so they cook certain food items for almost 24 to 48 hours because slower the food is cooked more succulent it becomes. To withstand hot temperatures continuously and for longer duration …

Nothing Like You’ve Ever Seen, Experience New Orleans

Nothing Like You’ve Ever Seen, Experience New Orleans

Pick anything in here, the food, the music, the architecture, the people or the attractions, you’ll find prefect beauty and much excitement giving powers hidden in all of these, it is just the way New Orleans is, super-duper interesting. From its history to its heritage, from its cultural diversity to its intriguing urban scenery, everything is oh-so lovable about the city.

Priceless experiences and incredible moments, this extremely alluring part of America certainly knows how to offer these and more. Given its fascinating creative scene and equally charming leisurely aspects, you’ll return home one satisfied tourist from New Orleans. Connected by most international and domestic airlines, one can book a cheap flight to New Orleans through one of the several online air travel portals.

Attracting celebrity tourists and normal travelers alike, New Orleans is said to have a real spirit and known to be the most authentic of all American cities. It is certainly unlike all other places in the country and part of this fact stems from the French Quarter, the city’s most intimate, unique and one of the oldest neighborhoods it has kept company with. An utterly intriguing cultural hub of New Orleans, you’ll love to mingle with the locals here reminiscing about an era gone by. A few hours spent in the city and you soon realize that this place is way too high on good fun and great entertainment all the time. Relish the spicy food, enjoy the fact that bars have no closing time, and groove to the pulsating music that is omnipresent in the streets and lanes of New Orleans.

Boasting of ethnicities and cultures so vast and varied, can distinct attractions be far behind? We don’t think so. You must sign-up for a guided tour or a group excursion that is not only high on the affordability factor but gets you to understand the city from up close. There are museums, monuments and memorials to be gone to, plantations, cemeteries, public parks and squares to be visited, performing arts venues, places of worship and historical interest, amusement parks and various sporting avenues to be enjoyed, and let’s not forget, the many galleries and exhibition centers displaying artworks from all corners of the globe.

New Orleans never sleeps, and you know that by now. So, why not make the most of it while here? As the sun goes down, the city’s glittering and gleaming party places come up with all their glitzy and glamor. Local eateries and high-end restaurants, cozy cafes and elaborate pubs, shiny night clubs and legendary lounges, cafes on the roof-top and by the roadside, there’s a place for every mood and desire.…

How To Market Your Toronto Storage Facility

How To Market Your Toronto Storage Facility

The self storage industry is a booming sector in the country. This can be proved by the number of self storage facilities that exist in the country. The industry functions on the win – win concept i.e. provides the consumer market something that it needs while at the same time taking its own profits. However, having said that, it is not so that all self storage facilities are able to sustain themselves in the long term. Opening a Toronto storage facility and maintaining it are two different things altogether. Just opening a Toronto self storage facility and then expecting it to prosper by itself can in fact ensure that your new business flops. There are certain techniques that need to be implemented on regular intervals if not continuously for a self storage facility to be a success.

A self storage facility depends on the number of customers it can attract. Therefore, in a certain way, it can be equated to any business enterprise that relies on visibility and recall value. Just like all businesses which require visibility, a Toronto storage facility also requires a sound marketing strategy. Marketing has multiple tools that will be useful for a self storage facility. The following are some tools that can be utilized.

a) Television, radio and publications:

Depending on the finances available, the Toronto storage units should be marketed on all local publications and newspapers, radio and even on television. If it is possible, there is nothing like a well made television advertisement as it has visual appeal as well as good recall value. However, even if money is an issue, marketing can still be done and local publications and radio pieces are much cheaper prospects than television. It should also be added that a self storage facility that does not have presence in the whole country would be much better off advertising on local networks, publications and radio stations.

b) Billboards:

Big billboards can be used by the business owner in order to increase visibility of the Toronto storage facility. Billboards can be put up and will stay visible for a long period. This translates into the fact that money will not be required to be injected constantly. This could be a major boon to a business owner who is short on finances.

c) Flyers and posters:

Flyers and posters are the most annoyingly things that were ever created. However, this trait of flyers and posters is highly useful for a company or business that is on the marketing side and not the consumer side. Flyers and posters are cheap, quantifiable and hold the potential to be in front of the eye all the time. These two are advantageous for the marketing side primarily because of the psychological term called autosuggestion. Autosuggestion means that if something is put in someone’s surroundings constantly, it seeps into his or her subconscious. This creates recall value for the business owner.

d) Discounts:

Discounts and special offers are another …

Live Chat Boosts Sales

Live Chat Boosts Sales

It?s always nice if you are able to exchange a few words with the clients of your website. There was a time when the customers used to send emails to the authors of the website and wait for long time to get a reply. Sometimes this long wait ended up with the user getting frustrated. But the times have now changed with live chat software giving the ability to the website owners to provide answers to consumers right away.

Via live chat software the company representatives are able to have one on one dialogue with the visitors in real time. By providing real time help it is possible for the representatives to impart live support to the consumer thus enabling the consumers to make instantaneous decision to whether or not buy the product.

Though to provide real time support is the primary function of the live chat software, it also acts as a way to keep a track of the number of visitors to your site and thus helps in upbeat sales of your products. Different forms of live chat software are available in the market but my personal favorite is that of the for two reasons; the first being that it can be effortlessly installed in your website making it user friendly and second it provides website owners of several options to choose from.

Using live chat software is pretty easy. The only thing that is needed is a web browser. No need for any software to be installed or accessing any servers. Every end user like the customers, administrators and operators can have an access to the software from any part of the world by just using a web browser and getting connected to Internet. Once the live chat software has been embedded in the website code all you need to do is to log through the website and then chat with your potential consumers.

At the moment, live chat software has become the customary communication medium that is being used to serve the customers. The domain is which is enormous ranging from web hosting sites to financial services to real estate services. Thus almost every industry has been known to gain from usage of live chat software as it improves the sales of the company immensely.

For using the chat software the only thing the consumer has to do is to just click on the live chat button provided on the website. This is because of the fact that live chat software is 100% hosted and doesn?t need any installation to be done. The company staff benefits from this software by having a statistic about the number of visitors and also about the trend in the pages that are mostly visited as compared to others. One more impressive functionality of the software is that it facilitates you with the ability to see from which countries the visitors are from and which product or service they are predominantly interested in. Assisting the consumer through …

Penny Auctions And Their Rise in Recent Times

Penny Auctions And Their Rise in Recent Times

There will be hardly any creature on this living world who does not want to earn extra money or to get goods and equipment’s at a discounted price. The money which is saved in the process of Pay per Bid Auctions can be utilized in some another important necessities.

As the name suggests Penny Auction is a kind of auction in which bids are made in terms of penny. Electronic goods and other house hold items are displayed on online websites and can be claimed by the highest bidder. The process is simple and is very rewarding for the professional people who understand the concept of bidding properly.

One may ask how the company site is getting benefitted by selling items at very prices. The answer is very simple and straight forward. To become a Penny Auction bidder one needs to register with the website first. After registering the bidder has to invest certain sum of amount with which they can buy certain credits in terms of penny. These pennies are then used for bidding purpose.

Imagine a scenario when an item of cost 100 dollar is put on bid. The bidders first have to invest 10 dollars to get 50 penny credits. If the same thing is done by 100 other users then the company has already recovered its market price for the item on display. The only person who actually benefits from this scheme is the person who wins the bid; the others are left ruing their luck and fate.

Penny Auctions are not much dissimilar to share market and lotteries where only the people with foresight and luck earn greater profit.

Notwithstanding the unusual concept of Online Penny Auctions, they have in reality become quite a major attraction in the online market. There are various sites which are closely related to bidding process. Some sites also provide new users with gift credits as part of compliment for joining the bidding site.

While bidding one has to be very careful not to use the credits in a haphazard manner. One should select the best item and bid at the correct moment of time. All this skills come to individual only after experience. So there will be loss during the initial starting period and one should not panic but eventually the fate will smile and one can end up winning a product…