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How Do You Know If Your Security System Is Well Designed?

By Namague Nov4,2023

How Do You Know If Your Security System Is Well Designed?

Every door and window is secured

All doors and windows should be contacted, which is a fancy way of saying that the Alarm System should know when they are opened. Do windows upstairs need to be contacted? YES, they should be locked and the security system should cover them. On most homes, there are at least a few windows that can be easily climbed to. If the window is secured, then you are denying one more entry point to a thief.

There is a strategic use of Motion and Glass Break Detectors

What if a burglar breaks a window, and enters? Since the window doesn’t open, the contact will remain intact and no alarm will signal. Glass Break and Motion Detectors act as the second level of security. A Glass break detector senses the percussion and the shrieking sound as a result of breaking a window. A Motion Detector senses motion corresponding with body heat (AKA, a person moving). If a Burglar does break into your home or office without opening a door or window, these devices will catch them.

Back-up plans are in place

There are many “what-ifs” in Security (Power outages, Cut phone lines, etc.). So it is important to think ahead. A good Security System will have back-up measures like a cellular or internet back-up, to send an alarm signal to dispatch police if the phone line has been cut. And, if there is a power outage, there should be a battery back-up to keep the Burglar Alarm alive for about 4 hours, or until the power comes back on. Your system should take advantage of modern security technology, to eliminate any vulnerabilities in protection.

False Alarm reduction plan is in place

It is not very difficult to prevent False Alarms. A good call list will usually do the trick. When the alarm sends a signal to a Central Station, they act according to a pre-decided protocol. If the protocol offers 4 or more methods to get a hold of you (or a person you trust to make decisions), then a Police dispatch can be prevented when it should.

Put your Security System in test, and try to break in

There is only one way to see if your system works. Try to break into your own home or office. Before you do this, you will want to call your Central Station and put your system into “test.” It is usually a good idea to let your neighbors know to expect sirens, or they may call the Police. Open every window and door to see if it sets off the system. It is better to find a problem with your Alarm System in testing, then after a break-in.

The Security System should be easy to use and dependable

I have known people that pay for a mediocre Alarm System, and end up never using it because it is too confusing or unreliable. Sadly, many homes that are broken into have security, but just don?t use it. Make sure to ask questions until your curiosity is quenched, otherwise you may end up with an unreliable or you may not understand how to use it.

By Namague

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