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Know More About Social Bookmarking

By Namague Sep19,2023

Know More About Social Bookmarking

When it comes to promoting your site, social bookmarking can be a great tool for your online business. It allows a business or an individual to search, maintain, organize and even share their information with other internet users. By using any social bookmarking website you can drive more traffic to your business and gain lots of daily exposure. It helps you to categorize your business and share similar interest as others, who can easily find your business and services thereby generating more sales and revenues for you.

Never take it for granted when it is related to your business seriously. If you are looking forward to grow your business, then adding a website page or individual page link from your site to any social bookmarking site can help you to gain lots of daily exposure. The links should be informative, substantial and of good quality. Posting links in a different language apart from the most commonly used is not a good idea. One should be careful about grammatical errors as such flaws can often lead to confusion. With social bookmarking, the user saves his bookmarked website links in an online account and this exists in public pages on the website which is considered as a back link to your site. Social bookmarking websites usually enjoy a higher page rank in Google, so the back links are of great value. People can reach your website by simply exploring other people?s bookmarked links and it becomes easy for your website to achieve social verification and increase some direct traffic that way.

Social bookmarking is a process of tagging the bookmarks to a website that are easy to access online and are shared with other users. The tags illustrate the main theme of the content for easy access. It brings into equation something that search engines cannot compete with and allows users to cast a vote to endorse that specific resource. It gives the resource credibility and is all about a collective voice. Most social bookmarking networks add to the profile of items receiving numerous bookmarks and are an effective means of making your posts public. Few social bookmarking sites are , Digg, Blue Dot, Diigo, Ma.gnolia, Netscape, Reddit etc.

In the bookmarking system the bookmarks are organized into a list of tags describing what the site is all about. This makes it easier to find the content and share it, classify and even discover interesting resources. With time these services have matured and grown popular, with extra features added to them like ratings and comments, facility to import and export bookmarks, emailing them and other networking features.

By Namague

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