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YouWeCan – A Much Awaited Healthy Initiation

By Namague Dec4,2023

YouWeCan – A Much Awaited Healthy Initiation

I have been looking forward towards numerous foundations, charity associations and NGOs over last few years. I liked some, hated some and admired some. Not too lately, I came across another foundation which drew my attention due to two reasons – its Unique Name (Yes, it has!) and its association with Cancer. I am from a family where I have seen the horrible consequences of Cancer (my grandfather had it). So it really took my concern big time and I started learning more about it. When I searched I was amazed to know that one of my favorite cricketers – Yuvraj Singh owns the foundation and this foundation is an initiation, a Healthy one, from his side as a fight back to the deadly devil Cancer.

We all know Yuvraj’s ‘Encounter, Fight and Win’ over this fiend but I never thought the celebrity would take his battle to such a level to help others to fight back the diseases. This spirit of the champ really forced me heavily today to write for YouWeCan as my small contribution part to the good cause which he has been doing at such a big level. So here’s a small review & insight to the foundation YouWeCan by Yuvraj Singh – The Sixer King … Oh No No! The Cancer Conqueror!

YouWeCan is a charity foundation initiated with the cause to promote cancer awareness along with helping many cancer sufferers to fight back this disease. Undoubtedly the cause is incredibly appreciable and the foundation has been working really hard to serve the task. But what has really attracted me is the fact that even being such a busy cricketer, celebrity and entrepreneur, Yuvraj Singh manages almost every time to be a part of all the events and awareness project personally (which I have not seen with majority till date). Yuvraj, who fought & won his fight against cancer in USA, is always there with laymen on events telling people about his true success story against this atrocious disease and giving a Hope (which is most important) to others saying – ‘If I Can Do, You Can Also Do it & I Am With You All’.

YouWeCan has joined hands with various companies as a pledge to help as much cancer sufferers as possible for awareness & treatments. The foundation also invites volunteers to help them serve the cause as much as possible. Even full use of technology is being practiced by the association of foundation since help from apps, merchandisers and television shows is also being taken.

I am happy with the progress YouWeCan is going and the pledge our Sixer King has taken. They are going to organize their First Fundraising via a concert on 27th July. So thumbs up from my side and Keep up the Good Work!

If you wish to help the YouWeCan cause, you can do via purchasing or donating by these –

Or simply contact YouWeCan team at their official website ().

By Namague

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