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Advantages Of Ir -700 Ultra Sensitive Ir Imaging System

By Namague Dec15,2023

Advantages Of Ir -700 Ultra Sensitive Ir Imaging System

IR-700 imaging systems are specially designed for the applications such as which require accurate real-time analysis, condition monitoring and thermo graphic profiling. It has got digital storage, a unique electric optical zoom and the comfortableness it has got with the modern analysis software makes the device a very valuable device as an analysis tool. It is knowingly an ideal tool for dynamic thermal analysis of our PCB designs. The features of IR-700 thermal imaging system are it has got a color thermal imaging, easy digital image storage, real time thermal analysis and a compatible with a wide variety of thermal software package. The device is lightweight, battery powered and field proven. Built-in high speed measurement modes make it easy to measure temperatures quickly and accurately

This device combines high resolution color or black & white thermal infrared images, along with precision radiometric temperature measurement display and high thermal sensitivity. Also included are thermal imaging, archival, and analytical system. The system has an array of onboard user functions, along with a built in 3.5″ floppy diskette drive for digital image storage. It also has an LCD screen which offers onboard viewing of images and data, along with which a built in video output port allows the IR 700 to be easily connected to any TV set, projector, PC or monitor. We can optically zoom the image simply by a push of a button as the camera provides onboard Optical Continuous Field of View (CFOV). It also offers high robust infrared imagery without the loss of resolution or interchanging expensive IR lenses for telephoto results.

The applications are very wide ranged, such as PCB ~ Circuit board and micro-mini component profiling, Electrical & mechanical Predictive / Preventive maintenance, Product research & development, Medical / Holistic thermal infrared imaging, and Surveillance and security at no light night time environments. It is most suitable for dynamic thermal imaging and post image analysis as it has variety of tools and features which are meant for post image analysis. It has got a High Spatial Resolution Image, High Speed Patented Galvanometer Driven Scan System, Interchangeable Lenses, and Long wave (8-12 ?m) sensitivity. It has also got an 8 bit analog to digital convertor, 250 color palettes, Back-lit rubber membrane keyboard, Metal enclosures, and an embedded 3.5″ 1.44Mb HD Floppy Disk Drive. The Man-portability vest, System Transporter Cart, Rugged mechanical design, and Micro-cooler Standby mode makes the device portable.

By Namague

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