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Ready To Reboot Your Computer Financing Strategy? Make Equipt Leasing Your New Friend With Bene

By Namague Dec29,2023

Ready To Reboot Your Computer Financing Strategy? Make Equipt Leasing Your New Friend With Bene

There’s probably no better time for a (business) friend with benefits than when it’s time for computer financing. The whole area of tech finance, whether its computers, software , etc just begs for some solid help, and it’s often proven that leasing finance solutions come through just when you need them most – in the world of costly and complex technology assets

We maintain to clients that you need though, to make lease finance work for you, it shouldn’t be a ‘ forced ‘ solution.

The whole area of lease finance gives you a positive outlook that you at least have a chance of beating the high price of technology, the fear of obsolescence , and that constant looking over your shoulder ( via the internet ?) at what your competitors are doing .

And let’s face it, your boss, or maybe you’re the boss are looking to cut expenses, not increase them or take on debt. Fundamentally, whether they admit it or not, most Canadian business owners and financial managers want to acquire the best asset without burning through those valuable credit lines and other accesses to capital.

The good news for Canadian business is that the whole spectrum of technology is in fact financeable, and, as we’ve noted that includes software, which is a surprise to some. Software is typically financed as a full lease to own scenario, so the key benefit quite often is simply the fact that you are matching the benefits of the software with the cash outflows of a lease finance scenario.

We’re making the assumption here that the business owner, CIO, or financial manager has done what most refer to as a ‘ lease vs. buy’ scenario. Here the business person takes into account the life of the asset, all the software licenses and support they will need for the asset, as well as the final outcome re: disposition of the asset. THIS JUST IN – IT’S A SHOCKER! – Computers don’t last and hold their value! Many experts and industry analysts actually estimate that you’ll have another 25,000.00 of costs associated with the acquisition of, for example, of $ 100,000.00 of new technology.

There has naturally been a dramatic change that can’t even be properly being described in tech assets for your firm. Today its not just servers, pc’s, laptops, netbooks, etc, new focus is on cloud computing and wireless solutions. And all that can still be financed. It always seems to come back to the funding.

It’s often the use of lease finance that becomes the solution for the ‘ budget breaker. Continuously replacing tech assets often calls for budgets to be ‘ broken ‘ and that’s where leasing plays a key role, eliminating the challenges of fiscal deadlines and fixed spending plans. Some stats from leading IT guru firms indicate that over 50% of all companies, large and small have lease lines of credit available for the financing of their technology. Those solutions include the two main forms of tech finance, capital ‘ lease to own’ scenarios, and operating ‘ lease to use ‘ solutions. It’s important you pick the lease ‘ friend with benefit’ that suits you most.

Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with a reboot of your tech and software financing needs.

By Namague

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