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Lease Management Software Lease Management Pos Software Pos Retail Management System

By Namague Oct23,2023

Lease Management Software Lease Management Pos Software Pos Retail Management System

Pathfinder offers a range of software products and Retail Point of Sale software solutions which integrate a wide spectrum of customer requirements, streamlining business functions and increase organizational efficiency with a definite mark of quality with a ROI assurance.

Decisions regarding the corporate leasing of buildings and assets are worth millions. If an organization makes the wrong decision or fails to meet critical lease deadlines and payments, it could end up spending precious resources on costly space commitments

XtreMe Imperium provides all the functionality and tools needed to accurately plan, track, manage, and maintain all aspects of both your Real Estate and capital asset leased portfolio in one system. Companies can automatically map all of their regions, buildings, floors, spaces and assets to leases, payments and reports and customize global currency and floor area measurement conversions to meet specific needs.

Asset Management & Maintenance:

Today’s businesses understand the company-wide interdependencies between operations, asset performance, personnel productivity and lifecycle costs. They know that physical asset management is more than just “maintenance management”. XtreMe Imperium Asset Manager helps businesses easily and pro-actively manage Asset across a facility by:

Asset include people, equipment (e.g., lab apparatus, emergency gear, printers, computers), furniture, fleets, hazardous materials, infrastructure (e.g., parking lots, landscaped areas, bridges) and even domain expertise associated with an employee. XtreMe Imperium facilitates the planning and tracking of such assets in a data-base while graphically showing their locations on floor plans or maps. XtreMe Imperium also provides easy access to complete as-set histories – maintenance records, work orders, suppliers, labor, material costs, etc. – via both wired computers and remote wireless devices.

XtreMe Imperium Asset Management tools allow you to:

To respond to the needs of the dynamically changing industries and corporate environments Pathfinder has the retail product or solution which is practical, realistic and highly flexible enough to evolve and seamlessly integrate resulting in living up to the ever growing demands of end users.

Call our sales team today and find out how XtreMe eSmartStore guarantees to simply your business and giving you more time on what’s important, Your Customers.

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By Namague

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