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Be Your Own Boss With A Network Marketing Opportunity

By Namague Jul15,2022

Be Your Own Boss With A Network Marketing Opportunity

One of the great things about getting started in a home based business is that you become your own boss. At least that is what people like to aspire. When signing up in a network marketing business you can work when you want, with whom you want and where you want. It sounds like a home run for a lot of us.

When you get started in network marketing you have to acquire two types of people into your downline.

1. You need customers. Your commission checks are paid by the customers.

2. You need to find other ?customer-getters?. Build your team and create a huge downline, so you can take the next plane to Hawaii and sip mojitos.

The leaders on stage presenting the opportunity for the specific network marketing company are really good at getting you to think that these mojitos in Hawaii would be really nice and if I could finally get that sports car I always wanted, and the dream vacation with my family, that would be awesome. And then you join. Network marketing is a great place to be, if you have success or know how to get here. What you are not told is what the workload involved (I bet that the presenter showed you the 3 foot rule, 3 people finds 3 people, these 3 find 3 and so on, right?) If you thought that you would have a great business going for you if you just help 3 people ? I bet you were wrong. Most people quit after 3-6 months.

You are your own boss in your own company and still the company you signed up with treat you as if you were an employee – meaning that the training, tools and techniques to promote company’s products and/or services are made available to YOU by the company to guarantee the success of the company’s business first and foremost and not necessarily your success. The hotel meetings are at a curtain time and your upline ?needs? you to be there, it?s a matter of your own success.

You need to start treating your network marketing business as the CEO of your own business ? as you are.

By Namague

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