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Event Planning Tips

By Namague May 22, 2022

Event Planning Tips

Weddings, birthdays, promenades are only a few of the most important big events in our lives. And we don’t want to ruin it with an event that is disorganized. That is why it better to carefully and thoroughly plan the event. If you are assigned to be the event planner for a particular event, the responsibilities shouldered to you will not be quite easy. But when this event takes place, you will be happy that the event is successful and ran smoothly. So anyway, let me give you some tips in planning an event.

Make a checklist of all the things that needs to be done, or a step-by-step guide to so that it will be organized. And you will have a lookout of what you have missed to do.

You should first acknowledge how big the budget is. And get the budget proportion for the appropriations like the food, decorations, tickets cards, invitations, stage set-up, manpower, transportation, and all other expenses. .

A week or two before the event, look for a place where you will hold that event and have it booked. After that, you may waive to them that you will not pay on any damages that may have incurred during the event. This works for some establishments. If the venue will be held at home, it will not be a problem.

But before you book a place, consider its accessibility, utility support, security, rest rooms, parking lot, audience capacity, setup and emergency exits.

The publicity of a particular event is a thing that also needs consideration. Promoting your event takes creative thinking with practicality. You should know what the point of this event is. Is it to inform, educate or entertain?

After the event, evaluate how the event went through. Take time to do this while the details are still fresh. This gives you a feedback of the things that you have missed and you can improve in your incoming events to organize.

By Namague

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