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Five Things You May Not be Aware of Magento E-commerce Store

By Namague Apr21,2022

Five Things You May Not be Aware of Magento E-commerce Store

Today businesses are mostly conducted online. Hence; it is imperative to have an e-commerce platform that can showcase the products of the organizations in an effective manner. Customers, unlike the past, require instant support 24 X 7. With businesses now going global; it is very important to have an e-commerce store. Magento is an open source platform which offers best features of open source technology to the websites. Hence; organizations are keen to opt for Magento to create online stores, online shopping carts with Magento CMS and Magento customized solutions based on Zend framework. Magento helps the organization in controlling all the departments of online business; and increase the profits of the organization. Site owners can target wider spectrum of audience with Magento’s applications. Let us now look at some points which will help you in effectively utilizing Magento e-commerce store:

A template for everything: Magento e-commerce has a template for everything; ranging from shipping updates for guest shoppers to contact forms. It comes with fully customizable option to fit the organization’s needs.

Magento works as a Content Management System: Magento e-commerce has the ability to customize the content visible on your e-commerce website. It manages the brand’s content management requirements. You can use it for changing a copy, layout, images or assets. You can manage the content on the e-commerce store with Magento’s intuitive backend.

Magento works as a Customer Relationship Management tool: Every new contact that is established through Magento e-commerce store is saved as a contact by the site manager. Through this feature; you can find the customer’s contact information, products viewed by them, their current shopping cart, their wish list and more. Once you have their contact information you can contact them through newsletters subscribed by them.

Dial up: If customers call you to book their orders; you can utilize Magento’s backend user interface; and create new orders for new customers, or access the orders of the existing customers.

Provides impetus for the customers to register on the online store: Do your customers checkout after becoming a registered user or as a guest user? Give different options to the customers; so that they can learn the benefits of registered users. Inform them that registered users can track the status of their shipments. They can even ship to multiple addresses. If you are keen on taking the personal information of the customer; give them the impetus to register themselves on the site. You can provide various benefits like giving gifts to every 100th registered member each month after successful sale. This will increase the reputation of the site; and you will also come to know about the performance of the e-commerce store.

Do you think Magento is the best e-commerce software available in the market? Are there any other points which can help users to effectively utilize Magento e-commerce Store? If yes; write your comments and feedback now to an experienced Magento e-commerce Developer.

By Namague

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