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Four Steps To Finding Recurring Affiliate Income On Clickbank

By Namague Jun 19, 2023

Four Steps To Finding Recurring Affiliate Income On Clickbank

ClickBank is one of the most well known affiliate networks out there. By using ClickBank you can instantly gain access to thousands of products that will pay you a commission for their promotion.

It?s been around for years, is well trusted by vendors and affiliates. In short, it?s a great place to find products in your niche that you can promote on the backend of your product.

One of the most overlooked areas of promotion on ClickBank is recurring income. So many of the listings are just for one time sales, but there are a bevy of recurring income opportunities available.

In order to find the right recurring income affiliate programs on the site, follow these simple steps:

1.Register for your free ClickBank account.

If you don?t already have a ClickBank account, this is your first step. It?s easy and free to sign up. Make sure to pick a user name that won?t reveal any identifying information because it will be part of your affiliate link when you promote products.

For example, don?t pick your full name or social security number.

2.Search through the marketplace using specific search criteria to find recurring income products.

Clickbank offers several ways for you to search through their huge marketplace, but for our purposes, you?ll want to focus on recurring income products. Click on ?Advanced Search? in the marketplace and then select ?recurring? under the billing type.

Add your keywords and any other criteria that you wish to search by (like a specific category of products). The system will create a list of products that are both recurring income models and related to your keywords.

3.Sort the results by the amount of future $ earned.

Recurring income products come in two different varieties ? you can either promote monthly subscription models or a product that has a large payment split up over several months.

Clickbank will list the future $ earned for a particular product based on the estimated amounts of recurring payments. For the latter type of product, this number is exact.

For a membership model, this number is based on an average of the amount that other people have achieved with the program.

You can sort your results by the amount of future $ earned in order to find the most potentially profitable product.

4.Figure out the average money earned by affiliates.

Sorting the results by future money will put the highest paying products at the top, but you?ll still want to know whether this amount is paid out in a short period of time or is estimated over several months.

It?s better to promote a membership type site that has a long track record with clients than one that pays high commissions for a short period of time.

Look at the future $ earned column and divide that by the average commission earned with the product in question.

For example, if the future money earned is $256 and the average commission is $37, you can estimate that the buyers will stay in the program for nearly 7 months.

By Namague

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