How To Survive Your Next Vacation To A Cold Climate

The fact is that vacationing in a cold climate is very popular. The fact is that, antarctic travel is gaining great popularity among travelers that prefer cold climates over hot tropical climates. However, vacationing in a cold climate requires that the traveler dress a certain way. Certainly, light clothing and swimsuits are not the order of the day. It is important to take the time to plan your travel wardrobe ahead of time and address a few other issues that might concern a person traveling to an extremely cold climate. Here is more to consider.

How to Dress for Ultimate Warmth

Travel to a cold climate takes a bit of preparation. It might require you to leave your adorable summer dresses, pants, suits, or light weight clothing at home. In addition, it is important to dress in layers in order to avoid hypothermia. Hypothermia might occur when an individual experiences extreme coldness and is exposed to water in some fashion. For example, through exposure to rain, snow, or sweat. Always dress in layers that are comfortable and loose fitting around your body. For example, pack jackets, coats, hats, sweaters, gloves, scarves, thermal underwear, and thick socks. About town or while traveling wear thick comfortable jeans with leggings for extra warmth. Wear a thick shirt with a sweater. Also include a wind resistant jacket that is under a duffel coat, along with hat, scarves, gloves, boots and thick socks.

Keeping Tops and Bottoms Warm

Here is something to consider. We lose most of our warmth through our head and feet. Therefore, it is important to keep those areas warm and dry. Wear ankle books that are paired with wool socks to keep your feet warm. Wear a thick wool hat on your head to keep out the cold. Remember to pack several pairs of wool socks and a reserve pair of comfy boots, if your main gear gets wet. The fact is that cold climates are often wet climates too. This is due to rain and snow conditions.

Coping with Extreme Outside Temperatures

You might spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying snowboarding, skiing, or other cold climate activities. Consequently, make sure that you recognize frostbite symptoms to keep healthy and continue enjoying your vacation. Frostbite might occur sooner than you might imagine in cold conditions in the Antarctic with extreme winds whipping around you at enormous speeds. Frostbite symptoms might include numbness, a change in skin color, stiff muscles, and skin starting to blister. If those symptoms are present, get inside and get warm immediately.

Stay Healthy on Vacation

Staying healthy is also key to enjoying your cold climate vacation. Never avoid a healthy meal, while on vacation in extreme cold climates. Make sure that you eat healthy and nutritious meals on a regular basis. Include foods that boost the immune system and fight off colds. In addition, it is important to drink plenty of water daily to keep hydrated. Remember, it is possible to become dehydrated even in cold weather conditions. Finally, apply plenty of moisturizers to your skin. Especially skin that is exposed to the cold weather.