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Mlm Secret – How To Sponsor Affluent Marketers Into Your High-tier Opportunity

By Namague Jul31,2022

Mlm Secret – How To Sponsor Affluent Marketers Into Your High-tier Opportunity

In today’s market place only the savvy marketer will survive. I used to buy leads like so many of us have, sometimes wondering if I am actually connected to some person in a ghetto. In about 30 percent of the cases the person that had left behind their phone-number in my website half an hour ago, couldn’t recall doing so when I finally had them on the phone. There are certainly things, that are more fun.

Today I use specific marketing-techniques, to only attract wealthy people into my business. Yes, lower middle-class folks could “find” the money, but more often than not, serious mindset-issues stand in the way of them joining. They assume because they are broke, so is everyone else. For that reason, they are not joining.

Why wealthy (or at least not broke) people? Because my opportunity requires 3K to get involved in and ideally another 2K for your first 2-3 months of marketing. To realistically position yourself in the market, that’s what it takes.

So how do I do it? First of all, I learned this from my mentor who makes 60K a month with the opportunity that I am in, so I will not take credit myself. There are many ways to achieve it, this is one of them:

#1 – Understand that everything you do and especially your ad copy is “magnetic”. If the headline on your webpage states, “Who else wants to rake in 10K a week without calling people, 100 percent automated system available – Guaranteed!”, who are you going to attract? You are going to a bunch of lottery-mentality daydreamers, who will never get anything done and who will give up at the first sign of resistance. They are probably gullible daydreamers at that.

#2 – Compare that to the article you are reading this very second. It started with the headline, using terminology like “Affluent People” and “High Ticket”, which does exactly what a magnet does. It repells (intimidates) the folks that couldn’t join anyway. And it peaks some curiosity in those readers, who are proud of where they are in life. Also, note that in the third paragraph I am disclosing what type of money we’re talking about. There is no beating around the bush. If you didn’t have the money, you probably would have stopped reading by now. Can you see how this entire article is really ad-copy?

So what do you want to do? Do you want to market to everyone, contributing to broke people taking risks and being even more devastated after joining with you. Or do you want to do what all successful marketers and companies do, market to your target-market? When you think about it, it’s all so obvious.

To wrap this up, most ideas that are being taught out there are being taught by the 98% of people who fail. It takes knowledge, true marketing-knowledge and “guts” to do what really works. You can probably guess, how many people I have just scared off. But that’s what it takes. Use these methods to join the top 2% income earners in North America.

By Namague

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