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My Experiences And Thoughts About Cash Gifting Part 2

By Namague Aug14,2023

My Experiences And Thoughts About Cash Gifting Part 2


After talking with some craigslist marketers I found out that the problem was with my address. I put in instructions file my address and country Poland. The thing is that no one in US will send any money to other countries, especially to far eastern Europe because there are some stereotypes and many people got scammed from poorer countries. I started to understand it and as I knew that the capture page that Leo made is converting just incredibly good. I told everything to David and we started to promote new capture page. I changed address to David’s and he started to call people.

Team work

After not a long time Scott joined our team. Things become much better now. Everyone started to work on something that is good about. I started to post more Craigslist ads, Scott is developing a brand-new marketing system, David is amazing on the phone, we started to create a conference calls for people interested in cash gifting program. We were getting over 1000 leads daily and 80-90 call back requests a day, it was too much to handle. Conferences established ourselves as a leaders and mentors. In a short time we started to establish relationships and contacts. Things seem to flow now. Although we just started conferences from this week in Monday we found many incredible individuals that we hope to work together for a long time.


To become successful in any cash gifting program there are many factors that you need to understand. With a working capture page and no marketing no one will see your page. With a great marketing and generic capture page you won’t make a dime. The thing is that you need to have all these even small components and things in a system to make it going. I found out that the things that blocked me out were: my very generic capture page that looked like anyone else. Another obstacle that I’m now aware of was my address and phone number that hold me back for some time. Although all these shortcomings I managed to keep going in a pursuit of freedom I was looking for. I’m the person that don’t like to lose and although many obstacles I dream big and have a big goals.

I wanted to share my story to show you that I didn’t start to make a big money from the beginning. It took me some time to understand everything. I want you to be aware that I was in the same situation as you looking for a perfect cash gifting program but later on it comes to find the perfect mentor team. I understood that cash gifting is more about learning how to and where to market than ‘cash gifting’ itself. My tip for you is to look for a good mentor team that is already successful and can show you the best ways to market online that actually work.

By Namague

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