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Peeking Seychelles Island, Prince William Honeymoon Venue

By Namague May20,2020

The name Seychelles Islands may be strange to our ears. Even people probably not many know if there is a country called the Republic of Seychelles. But do not be surprised, this island nation is even chosen by Prince William and Kate Middleton as the place of his honeymoon.

Seychelles is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The country that connects these African countries, is about 1,600 kilometers east of mainland Africa and northeast of Madagascar. The population of Seychelles is estimated at 88,000 people representing ethnic diversity such as Europe, Arabia, China, India, and from a number of other Asian countries.

The country of Jakarta (455 square kilometers) rely on the tourism sector to drive its economic progress, which in just one year at least 300 thousand foreign tourists visit the Seychelles.

You will immediately feel the tropical atmosphere when first landing at the airport which is located just a few meters from the sea. Tropical trees typical tropical climate like coconut trees, we see many of them immediately. Likewise, the hills are overgrown by tropical rain forest trees are also many we meet.

The Seychelles Islands, numbering about 115 islands uninhabited for more than 150 years before becoming known by Western explorers. Austronesian sailors and Arab traders are the first to visit the Seychelles Islands. The first time, Europe entered the island in 1502 by Portuguese sailor Vasco da Gama, passing Amirantes.

This nation is an archipelago consisting of 115 tropical islands with 2 main islands namely Mahe and Praslin. These islands consist of several different groups. Mahe group consists of 42 granite islands.

These islands are rocky and most have coastal stripes and hills as high as 914 meters. Mahe is the largest island and is the location of the capital of Victoria. The other islands are small islands such as flat coral with many coral reefs.

Seychelles has a tropical climate with a fairly stable temperature throughout the year, which is between 26-31 degrees Celsius with an average of 29 degrees Celsius. The months of October to March are characterized by warm and humid weather. It is influenced by the northwest wind. In January and February, the rain tends to decline prolonged.

Because the Seychelles is a country with many islands, it is no wonder this country has a very beautiful beach. White sand beaches, with green sea water and the many large rocks that exist on the beaches, remind us of the island of Bangka-Belitung.

In this archipelago also has stood magnificent some luxury hotels, such as Four Seasons Hotel, Banyan Hotel, Ephilia Resort, and many others. In fact, there are resorts located on land reclaimed beach.

No need to worry about difficulties to reach this region. Despite being isolated in the middle of the ocean, many international airlines regularly fly Seychelles, such as major airlines in Asia, Europe, Africa, and so on.

The economy of Seychelles depends on tourism and foreign direct investment. Employment, foreign revenues, construction, banking and trade all depend largely on tourism and foreign direct investment. The service sector, including transportation, communications, commerce, fisheries, and tourism, has accounted for nearly 70 percent of GDP in recent years. How important the tourism sector, even the President of the Republic of Seychelles also doubles as Minister of Tourism.

The country that is one of the smallest in the world looks simple. Imagine, the city center is no bigger than the sub-districts in the villages of Indonesia. The Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs alone, no wider than the sub-district office in the regions of Java. Demkian is also the office of the Minister of Labor, Labor and Human Resources, just a two-story building that looks more like a schoolhouse.

You can not even spend your money if you come here. No malls, and fancy shopping places here. Restaurants are also seen a handful in the center of the city.

“Even I expect this Seychelles to be like Dubai, given its strategic position,” said the Head of the State Agency for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers Jumhur Hidayat when meeting with officials of the Ministry of Labor of Seychelles on Thursday (14/11 \ / 2011) yesterday.

Seychelles own per capita income of 27 thousand US dollars or nine times the per capita income of the Indonesian population in a year. For the amount of manpower reached 40 thousand people and about 10 thousand counted foreign workers. Moreover, recently discovered oil mines in this region. So that later, certainly more and more investors and foreigners who enter this region. The unique island of this country, despite the tropical climate, the Seychelles inhabited by blacks, and the British and French descent who once colonized this region. Well, on which island did Prince William and Kate Middleton some time ago honeymoon? Apparently, they spend their honeymoon on the North Island, part of the Seychelles Islands are famous and very private.So, when will you visit Seychelles Island?

By Namague

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