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Rag Rugs Are A Refection Of Our Past History

By Namague Mar19,2023

Rag Rugs Are A Refection Of Our Past History

Log cabins were the primary source of residents of the early American settlers. These cabins were mostly functional in purpose and served as a means of shelter. They were not constructed using any advanced technology and there were numerous crevices and cracks through which the cold air seeped inside the home. In order to amend the situation and keep the house warm, the women-folk in the family occupied themselves making rag area rugs, which were simply made using whatever assortment of rags they had at home.

Considering they were used with assorted left-over pieces of cloth the resultant rag rugs looked colorful, cheerful and warm. What?s more they did not cost an arm and a leg but instead made good use of scraps of cloth, which would have otherwise been useless. Though we no longer dwell in log cabins, we still find it necessary to beautify our homes and also make it look warm and comfortable.

Enter rag rugs. They make any room of any home look warm, cheerful and comfortable. However, the only difference is that these rag rugs are usually made professionally by rug and carpet manufacturing companies that try to keep up with the increasing demand for these beautiful, yet functional rugs.

Some people prefer keeping rag rugs in their homes just for the feel of past history.

One of the other reasons that so many people prefer rag area rugs is that they are relatively easy to maintain and to keep clean. Rag rugs are typically smaller in size and can be easily washed in the washing machine. There is no need for any expensive products meant especially for cleaning rugs and carpets. Another reason is that the relatively cheap price means you can choose to buy as many of them as you want for your whole house without having to break your bank balance.

Instead of buying rag area rugs you could choose to go the way of the pioneers and make them at home. Many of the methods and techniques that were used by them are still in use today, which means if they could do it so can you.

You don?t need any expensive machinery or equipment to make rag rugs at home. All you need is plenty of scraps of fabric and either a sewing machine or a large-sized crochet hook. That?s all!

Now once you?ve got all you need the next thing to do is to prepare your rags for being shaped and converted into rugs. Bind the individual pieces of cloth using either the sewing machine or the crochet hook. There are plenty of books on making rag area rugs to help you along in your endeavor. Or just do a search on the internet and you?d find plenty of resources there too.

By Namague

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