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The Ultimate Seo Plan For Internet Marketers

By Namague Jan10,2023

The Ultimate Seo Plan For Internet Marketers

How to optimize your site

I don’t like doing seo, but its very much needed. Search engine optimization for your website should be one of a webmaster’s main goals. Getting traffic from the search engines is not only free but is also constant (depending on what keywords that you are targeting) traffic. Below is a plan that web masters should follow when they decide that they will start optimizing their websites, you should include a combination of onsite and offsite search engine optimization.

Step one: What keywords your going to optimize for

Think of what keywords that you want to target. If you target the wrong keywords then you may never see any results for them, just some common sense. And if you target overly competive keywords then it may take too much time to see results but once you do it will be well worth it. I would recommend targeting in the middle when selecting keywords to optimize your site for when you?re starting out.

Here is a free keyword tool that you can use to get an idea of what keywords are popular:

Just a quick tip when selecting keywords, i usually use the plural version for keywords or keyword phrases because the plural version includes the single one. For example if you have a keyword ?shoe? try making it ?shoes? because the keyword ?shoes? include the keyword ?shoe? but its not the same in reverse.

Step two: Start onsite optimization

This is one layer of search engine optimization and this process includes manipulating the source code of your website with keywords. The places to put keywords in your website includes the title tags, meta tags, within the text of your website, and within links (anchor text).

Title tags: This is the most important part to place keywords in your website and surprisingly a lot of web masters just leave this area blank. Search engine bots show the most prominence (importance) to keywords within the title tag which is why its critical to include keywords here.

Place keywords here

Text of document

Meta tags: Place keywords here but be careful not to place too many here or else you will be viewed as spamming the search engines ?keyword stuffing.? These use to be an easy way to score top rankings in the search engines but the search engines have evolved overtime and this is no longer possible to score high rankings with stuffing the meta tags. You will need a proper combination of onsite and off site optimization which i will explain later. Meta tags goes between the head tags in your source code.

Description Meta:

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