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Using The Google Adwords Keyword Tool

By Namague Aug30,2023

Using The Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Using the Adsense Keyword Tool

In short the Adsense Keyword Tool can be used three ways.

– Based on a Keyword or a phrase

– You can search a URL

– You can also base your search on content.

Once you enter what you are searching for the tool will come up with various words or phrases related to your search. When you have the list compiled by the Keyword Tool you can now take a look at the competition for the specific word or phrase and also the search volume. Ideally what you would like are words with lower level of competition with a high search volume.

Finding these words may take time but will pay off for you in the end.Choosing words with high competition will only put your site or blog in a list of thousands of other people doing the same thing. Getting into the top search results is really the key to making money the findings from the keyword tool are generated I would suggest going to the top of the list and adding “show estimated CPC” to the list. This will show what advertisers are paying for these words or phrases. Words with higher level CPC used on your site will generate more dollars when using the Google Adsense Program.

If you see some keywords in the list that really interest you and meet the need then try running them on their own in the keyword Tool. For example say I was doing a Search for “Adsense” and in the findings I see that “Adsense Software” was a good paying, low competition word. Then I would run “Adsense Software” on its own in the Keyword Input Box and see what searches are related to that individual keyword. Do this with as many words as you want.

Another great feature of the Google Keyword Tool is the ability to search URL’s and what this does is gives you the ability to see the competitions keyword strategy and maybe applying some of this to your own. Basically they are doing most of the work for you!To do this just switch the radio button to “website content” and type in a URL of results layout is very nice because it groups words and phrases for you.

You can also use this tool for articles you have written already. Choose website content and let the Keyword Tool explore your site by adding the site’s content in the search box. This will help you with your site choice and position of Keywords are very important in attracting visitors to your website so please get use to the keyword tool because you will be using it a lot.

Earning above average Google Adsense Revenue requires a great understanding of the Keyword importance and how a search engine operates.

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