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Why Contextual Link Building?

By Namague Oct 17, 2022

Why Contextual Link Building?

With plethora of link building tactics to dominate the search engines, selecting the best among them is a matter of great concern and confusion for webmasters. “Natural link building” is often discussed and recommended by SEO experts to rule the online world. Blog review link popularity or contextual link building service is thereby what most webmasters look forward to nowadays.

Know the X-factor in contextual link building

While this form of link popularity costs a little higher than other link building methods but the promised results ensured by this service undoubtedly speaks for itself. So, what is it that makes contextual link building distinguish itself from all others and offer higher search engine rankings in the least amount of time? Experts will tell you that it’s the human touch of these blog reviews that grab the attention of the readers. As the blog reviews communicate information through relevant stories and impressive images, they seem more interesting to the readers with their “personal” touch.

Unnatural yet natural link popularity

So, when the link of any related website is incorporated into the content of these blog reviews, they seem “natural” and easily redirect readers to the website, which is yours. As the readers love content, so does the search engines. And as natural inbound links are welcomed by the Internet users, they become favorites with search engine algorithms too. Natural links suggest that the links does not involve any interference from you or any search engine firm hired by you. This means that the incoming links to your website from blog reviews are due to the interesting and informative content of your website, which is link worthy.

However the truth is that these blog reviews about your website are written by expert review writers associated with professional SEO firms to divert more relevant traffic to your website. The links are incorporated into the content, which are strictly one-way and permanent links that assure you maximum benefit. Hence, it is an unnatural yet natural method of link building that can lead your website to great heights in search engine optimization.

Now, what is it that makes these links look “natural” apart from the content? The different blogs on which reviews of your website are posted belong to different Class C IPs. Web spiders are thereby deceived to believe that these are natural inbound links to your website as the similarity in algorithms of different sites that link back to your website cannot be traced by the search engines.

Making the ends meet

To maximize the benefits of contextual links and give you the worth of money you have spent on it, anchor texts related to the niche keywords are included in the blog reviews.

Also, the blogs on which reviews of your website are posted are already well-promoted on the Internet and rank high in the search engine rankings. These blogs are maintained by the professional SEO Company to provide the best possible web promotion to their client’s site through contextual link building service. Nowadays, companies offering affordable SEO services bookmark these blogs on social bookmarking sites such as and for better exposure.

By Namague

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