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10 Key Questions You Must Answer to Create a Killer PowerPoint Presentation

By Namague Jan 17, 2023

10 Key Questions You Must Answer to Create a Killer PowerPoint Presentation

A good presentation will speak to your audience and engage with them, inspiring them to take notice rather than fall asleep, and there are numerous factors that go into a PowerPoint presentation to ensure it produces the right effect.

As well as always ensuring that your presentation contains the main highlights of your business and financial plans and includes the same level of detail that your executive summary contains, a successful PowerPoint presentation involves more than this.

Here are the 10 key questions that you MUST answer if you want to make sure that your presentation fulfils its aim:

1. What does your company do? You should answer the question of what your company does in one line. A short direct sentence that explains exactly what you do.

2. What is your company’s status? Include information such as the age of the venture , the customer traction, previous funding and any information along these lines that you feel is relevant.

3. Why is your company unique? Keep it direct and state clearly and simply why you are different. You could mention the success of the company, provide details of the management team and include information on patents/unique IP.

4. How do you provide a Business solution to a problem? Every company must solve a problem for its customers. Here you should state unambiguously what that problem is, how big it is for your customers and how you can solve it for them. In answering this question you will also want to focus on explaining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

5. What markets are you competing in? Provide detailed information about the markets in which you are competing. Don’t just state what they are, but instead provide detailed facts and figures. Talk about the size of the market, notable trends and anything else that might be relevant.

6. How does your company generate revenues? Provide clear details about all the strategies that your company uses in order to generate revenues.

7. What competition do you face? Include details of your competition. Be specific: go into details such as the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors rather than just providing the names. 8. Who does the management team consist of? This is where you should provide details about all the members of your management team, demonstrating their experience and track records to provide a complete overview for your audience.

9. What timeline or milestones do you have planned? Tell your audience about how the company is planning to rollout its products or services and the specific dates that you have set for these. Try, also, to timeline the milestones in terms of 3/6/9/12 months.

10. How much capital do you need? Make sure that you clearly explain the details of your projections and the various planned uses of funds to provide the potential investors with a complete overview of your requirements.

A few good rules to stick to are to ensure that your presentation has no more than 10 slides, does not last any longer than 20 minutes and that the font used within it is no smaller than 30 points. Get this right and answer the questions convincingly, and you are well on your way to creating a successful PowerPoint way you have more chance of raising venture capital.

By Namague

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