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7 Wonderful Places in Jogjakarta

By Namague Feb27,2017

7 Places in that you should not miss to spend a holiday when you plan your trip to yogyakarta. Vacation to these 7 places will not only give you an exciting experience, but also will provide important lessons for your spiritual life.

So vacation is not just for fun only, then when I got home you do not get anything except the local souvenirs. Vacationing should be the moment to eliminate fatigue as well as a forum to get something more valuable.

The seven places are:

  1. Heritage Borobudur
    This temple is one of the world heritage who recently claimed to be the kingdom of Solomon. Millions of foreign and local tourists are flocking to this place to prove it.
    It is said that relief is depicted on the walls of the temple tells about the social life at the time of Solomon. This is supported by the presence of Holy Quran verses that mention saba country ‘as the most prosperous country.
    It appeared in the west of the temple there are names that are quite similar territory, namely Wanasaba (Wonosobo). Indeed, these data more research is needed, but if you’re curious, then consider yourself reliefs.

  2. Prambanan
    The most interesting tourist attractions in Jogjakarta Prambanan next. The temple is also a heritage. In the first period the temple was used as a place of worship of Hindu society.
    This Prambanan Candi not be separated from the historical value that you should not forget. So it’s good you are scheduled for a vacation with the family to this place. The distance between the two temples is not so far. So you can be one-way.

  3. Malioboro
    This place is a shopping paradise for cheap clothes. Even in a place like this you can go shopping with the book until satisfied. Malioboro is one of the leading tourist spot in Jogjakarta that you should not miss.
    You can also get a souvenir of Jogja from this place. Even if you come to this place at night, then you will get the beauty of the evening which only Jogja.

  4. Parangtritis
    But before you drop in to Malioboro suggest you enjoy the beauty of the coast of Jogjakarta. Yes, Parangtritis is one of the most attractive tourist places in Jogjakarta.
    In fact almost all travelers to Yogyakarta not want to miss this one place. There are a lot of excitement that you can try, and the most interesting of this place is the mythical story of the south coast sea power that supposedly lived on this beach.

  5. Keraton Jogjakarta
    The place is no less interesting for you singgahi are Keraton Jogja. It is an icon or a symbol of privilege Jogjakarta. Because despite being part of Indonesia, this region is still using the imperial system.
    A visit to the palace will provide many important lessons from a culture. So not only traveled, but also learn the history and culture. Travel like this is perfect for your little family. Because you could provide important lessons to children in a fun way.

  6. Beringharjo
    Sights that this one is the most sought-after tourist destinations. Because this place is a shopping center for souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta at the lowest possible cost. There are many types of souvenirs you can take home, ranging from batik clothes to crafts.

  7. Kampung Wijilan
    This village is the center Gudeg that became typical food Jogjakarta. Not complete it if traveled in an area not recognize culinary. Well, after a day of traveling to various tourist attractions in Jogjakarta, the village is what will satisfy your hunger.
    You will get different types of processed and Gudeg with typical dishes each. So this is where paradise Gudeg. In fact you could take it home. Because there is one Gudeg are processed in a way to be able to survive long.

That’s seven most interesting tourist attractions in Jogjakarta that you should not miss. Been to all these places have represented all kinds of tours in Jogjakarta. So it would be very nice vacation if you visit them all.

By Namague

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