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Lampin in the Hamptons

By Namague Mar17,2017

I describe the big apple as a kind of “pox” because it is congested like a chicken pox rash. And boy can it make you itch! An itch to get away from the traffic, the sirens, the overcrowded trains, the extreme weather, and the New Yorkers that woke up on the wrong side of the bed and are in a “New York” state of mind. I think people spend so much time and energy going to work every day that they forget about the reason it is so vital to take a vacation. The Hamptons are famous for their miles of gorgeous beaches. You may be wondering where to stay when you visit this beach countryside full of historical charm and rub elbows with the elite and beautifully tanned. If you are wondering about places to stay in the Hamptons, you will have many options, depending on what vibe you are seeking.

Some manors are very popular and are a personal favorite for the rich and famous. They offer spa services on site and have their very own private beaches. The surroundings can make you feel like you stepped 100 years back in time, but you still have access to all the bells and whistles of the newest modern decor. One can find some of the best pizza in this area and heated pools are both indoor and outdoor.

Some local hotels are considered to be “boutique” and consist of several open areas for you to lounge, relax, and read. These areas are in lush gardens spread throughout the landscape. Some locations are child-friendly and can accommodate you with cribs and high chairs if you need them. This makes traveling with small children so much easier because you do not have to pack car seats, cribs, strollers, or high chairs. Everything you need for your little bundle of joy is available.

There are houses available not directly on the beach. These often attract a younger crowd. From the outside, they may not be eye-catching, but when you walk inside you will pleasantly pleased by the charm and character of the homes. These houses often sit in residential neighborhoods only miles away from the beaches, surrounded by mansions.

Some houses stand out above the others, they are exquisite and mirror the countryside of the old English regions. As soon as you arrive on the premises, you will be greeted by enchanted gardens that spread back for miles. The locations of these upscale resorts are prime, right in-between the ocean and the town’s main street where you can find all kinds of delicious restaurants.

By Namague

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