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Asia Shares Global PCB Output Value as High as 88 Percent With The Largest Proportion of China

By Namague Mar13,2023

Asia Shares Global PCB Output Value as High as 88 Percent With The Largest Proportion of China

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the cornerstone of the electronics industry, and the circuit of all electronics requires PCB. In 2010, the global PCB market has achieved rapid development. According to NTInformation statistics, the global PCB output value has reached $55 billion. Among this statistic, North American market takes $3.33 billion, together with Brazil and other American countries, the American PCB output value has added up to $3.439 billion. In Europe, with the output value as much as $1.146 billion, German is still the main PCB production country. By adding Italy, France and other European countries, the European total value is $2.801 billion.

In Asia, mainland China ranks the first with its output value as $22.185 billion; Japan comes the second with $9.895 billion value; China Taiwan, $7.086 dollar; South Korea, $6.087; Thailand becomes one of the most rapid development country with its output $1.163 dollar. Asian PCB output value accounts for $48.68, sharing as high as 88% of global PCB output value. Mainland China counts 39.9%, becoming the world’s biggest PCB” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>PCB” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>>PCB production area, and Japan together with China Taiwan comes next.

Today, China’s PCB production is close to world-class, and high-tech multi-layer board, rear panel, HDI board, IC board have put into mass production in mainland China.

Seeing from the global PCB development, mainland China is still the most outstanding one. In 2003, mainland China surpassed America to become the No.3 in the world; and then, China continued to surpass Japan, becoming the No.1 in 2006. It is expected that the PCB output value of mainland China will achieve $31.45 billion, an average annual compound growth rate of 14.7%, sharing 45.6% of the global revenue. While in 2014, the global PCB output value will reach $69 billon with a compound annual growth of 9.5%. Besides mainland China, the fast developed area consists of Korea and other Asian countries (including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines), with average annual compound growth rate up to 11.82% and 10.24%, respectively.

In 2010, among the whole world’s 1.5 billion mobile phones, China takes 900 million, which could explain the reason why HDI board grows rapidly in mainland China. Global HDI PCB production value in 2010 reached $ 12.52 billion, of which Japan ranks first with $ 3.75 billion, and $ 3.74 billion of mainland China, nearly as equal as Japan.

In 2001, HDI PCB output value of mainland China only had $120 million, and it had increased 30 times in 10 years. It is noteworthy that there are a large of cottage phones of China’s 900 million mobile phones. But with the constraints of cottage phones in China and India, Russia and Thailand banned the import of cottage phones, it is expected that only the brands could survive at last.

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