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Know About the Best Pet Friendly Airports in the US

By Namague Mar3,2023

Know About the Best Pet Friendly Airports in the US

Whenever one plans for a trip they always think about the pet friendly hotels, the facilities, insurance and many such things. But they tend to forget the most important thing–that is, the comfort of their pets. When we go for long journeys or catch connecting flights it is necessary to give some kind of refreshments to your pets. Every year lots of travelers travel with their pets therefore the US government has decided to set up areas where pets can relax a bit. If you are waiting for your flight on any of the stops then you can make your pet comfortable and provide food and water.

So today I will tell you about some of the airports which have assigned a particular area for the pets.

1. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

This airport has recently started this service which has a park called as the Poochie Park. It is spread in area of 1000 square feet with lush green patch of land. Here the pets can roam around, do all thsir activities and also be free. As it is the busiest airport it has understood the basic needs of the pets.

2. George Bush Intercontinental Airport

This airport has got four areas for pets where they can freely move and enjoy some fresh air. Some of the pets can also wait for longer durations. It is a small area of 1100 square feet.

3. St. Louis International Airport

The St; Louis international airport has two pet areas which are full of activities for the pets like playing, running and roaming around. The area is of 400 square feet.

4. Los Angeles international Airport

To provide a comfortable stay for many pets Los Angeles has got two pet areas which provide the perfect environment for the pets to enjoy. There is a dog house where pets can be kept if waiting for a longer time.

5. Denver International Airport

When the pets get tired of a long and hectic journey they need some rest so the pet areas are the best way to provide them comfort. The pets can feel free and make them relaxed.

6. Honolulu International Airport

This is a place where the pets get ample amount of time to rest. The facilities provided to them include water, dog services, large area to roam around etc.

Therefore these are a few airports you really think about the comforts of the pets. They have made excellent arrangements which are really useful for the pets.

By Namague

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