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Basic things to consider when taking a bus to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur

By Namague Apr20,2017

There are many routes to reach Singapore when traveling through Kuala Lumpur (KL). The most effective means to travel is to take a bus. When going through bus there are many things a traveler forgets. And for this reasons they might leave their journey or send back to the starting point. Millions of people are traveling using the bus service because it is more convenient than any other means. For new travelers, there are few of the basic things that are needed. It is always essential to have proper knowledge when travel by bus to Singapore.

Make the papers ready: One person is traveling from one country to another and for this, the papers are needed. The papers are not had to be arranged as many people travel by bus to Singapore daily. Carry the papers in the place which will be easy to take out when needed. If within the traveling time if papers are misplaced then the journey has to pause. Also, make sure that the papers are torn or broken. Keep them in a safe place and so that they cannot be spoiled at any point.

Book tickets online: The bus tickets are available online and also at some places around KL city. It is mostly preferred to book your own tickets. It is not a big burden to fill the ticketing details and hardly taken less than 5 minutes. Just fill on the information about age, name and number f people traveling. Just filling the details check if there are seats available on the particular bus or not. The buses are available every 30 minutes and it’s not a worry some to book tickets for another bus. Before making the payments check for the seats which are available on a bus and choose them.

Gums and Cigarette Check: When packing for the languages check all the pockets and space for gum and Cigarette. The chewing of gum is prohibited in Singapore. Many times a person’s entrance had been canceled because they were chewing a gum r carrying them. This same goes with the packs of cigarettes.  The fine per packet in much higher and a traveler will have to give much more while carrying them. After reaching Singapore it is not difficult to buy a pack of cigarettes. It is just a matter of time till the immigration check post and after that get a cigarette or stop smoking it forever.

Always be calm while traveling: Whether a person lives in Singapore or going for the first time for any purpose. The thing to do is to become calm and never become suspicious. There are officials who will be asking a certain question. If the officials are not convinced then the traveler is not allowed to step their foot. The officials will be asking a question as what is the purpose of the journey. The answer is not difficult for this and to just have a good with a smile works wells.

By Namague

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