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Taking A New View of Southeast Asia

By Namague Jun 27, 2017

If you haven’t already spent the income tax refund money your received thanks to the great job H&R Block did for you when they prepared your tax return, you might want to think about using it to enjoy a well-deserved trip.  You can use a Groupon to make economical travel arrangements for a trip that won’t use up all of your tax return money while still giving you the chance to see another part of the world.  One place I’ve often considered seeing is the now peaceful land of Vietnam.  I had several college buddies who served in the Army and were eager to go back to the land that played such an important part of their youth.  The Vietnam waiting for them was definitely not the one they remember.  They talked about the lively streets, lush green mountains and the remote villages that have been replaced with bustling city life, outdoor cafes and a growing number of tourists eager to sample the delicious cuisine.  Many see the growing region as a potential place to launch tech start ups.

If Vietnam is too far away, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse is an event you might want to capture on film, but you’ve got to be positioned along the 70 mile-wide path in America between Oregon and South Carolina to get the full experience.  If you’ve ever experienced a total eclipse of the sun, you can understand why ancient peoples thought the gods must have been angry.  The sun is blocked temporarily, but in that short time you’ll definitely feel the temperature drop.  Make plans now to view the rare sighting from one of the National Parks located along the path and join the throngs.  You’ll have more fun than a hippie at Woodstock.

Whether you spend your return, or if you still need to file your taxes, let H&R block rescue you from the tedium of tax preparation.  You can use a Groupon to purchase one of their programs online, or make arrangements to visit a team member in person.  With Groupon you can save on all of their services and use your smart phone to activate promo codes for exclusive money saving deals.

By Namague

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