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Exploring The Myriad Of Search Engine Optimisation Reasons To Your Website Of Using Twitter And Facebook

By Namague Apr24,2023

Exploring The Myriad Of Search Engine Optimisation Reasons To Your Website Of Using Twitter And Facebook

To those close to me, many of them will have noticed that over a course of a couple of months I have gone from ignoring social networking to becoming a huge fan of them for their marketing uses. It happened in a sparkle. Standing in the shop, waiting for my wife, I saw a website publicize its own Twitter page. So I started exploring it and each day I discover more and turn out to be more persuaded.

I have previously written about how it would appear that Google is going to take more attention in Twitter and other social networks. We can see news results appearing at the top of results listings, next to blog entries that become visible hours after publication. This is great for those in need of information. Not so good for those in need of website traffic to keep their businesses flourishing.

So what do us modest website owners need to do to keep out traffic flowing and our businesses alive and well? The answer is fairly obvious. Join the upheaval! I?ve been telling some of my customers to join in for the last month or two and I?ve seen verification of one of them doing well on Twitter, but loads just aren?t bothering. And it is a shame, for it is thoroughly complimentary added exposure to the search engines and maybe extra search engine results!

Take a simple search result. OK, so maybe you already come out in the top ten, potentially even the top five. That is indeed the aim. But what if you might get one more page in the top five? It is very challenging to get another page from your own website in the top five once more and commencing afresh on a entire new website can be expensive and time consuming. Copying the existing site could tear down it through the duplicate content filter and thinking of an adequate amount of text and optimising the site may possibly take your eyes off the ball for long enough for you to put out of your mind the previous site and see that drop.

But it is to a certain extent straightforward to extend this work with a Twitter or Facebook page. Create both and each of them can point back to your main website. This means that visitors finding the social networking page can still be redirected to the main site and search engines would also be passing the effect of page rank earned on the social networking sites to your main site. This possibly will in point of fact help move your main site up a search result or two.

Then get writing and posting on the social networks. OK, it takes time and you have to remember them. But allot a bit of time each day to remember to do this and post a little motivating to your Facebook wall and Tweet once in a while. There are utensils that help you tie these all together that can be very convenient and save you a lot of time.

Once you get going publishing up-to-the-minute news to your social networks your consumers should stay more loyal and you will hopefully locate more new customers, both through the networks and through search engine results.

More about tricks to beneifiting from Twitter next time.

By Namague

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