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Kolkata Gold Suppliers

By Namague Apr16,2023

Kolkata Gold Suppliers

Golden jewelries made in Kolkata popular all over the world. The reputed jewelry shops in the city have got strong business relations with several other countries, specially the Gulf countries. Golden jewelries worth billions of dollars are exported from Kolkata to the Gulf countries on a regular basis. Even in other states of India where golden ornaments are manufactured in higher quantities, people prefer jewelries made in Kolkata much more. One of the major reasons behind the craze for Kolkata-made golden jewelries among people is the quality of the products. Unlike other states and countries of the world, a major percentage of jewelries produced in Kolkata are made with hands. The demand for hand-made jewelries is much more than that of the machine-made products, as every single set is unique. You will never find a hand-made golden jewelry, which is a photocopy of another. Besides, the hand-made golden jewelries get better finishing than the machine-made products. Another reason why people all around the world have a craze for Kolkata-made golden jewelries is the availability of the products at affordable prices. Thanks to the Kolkata gold suppliers, the jewelry shops in the city offer ornaments at much cheaper price compared to other states and countries.

Kolkata is home to several companies that supply gold bars, biscuits dusts and coins to the jewelers in the city, outside the city and even outside the country. Dubai, one of the most developed cities in the Eastern part of the world is among the major takers of gold bars, dusts and biscuits that are exported from Kolkata. Besides, the Kolkata gold suppliers export refined gold in huge quantity to different parts of the world. Being the home to thousands of NRIs, the demand for Kolkata-made golden jewelries is always on a high at Dubai and other Gulf countries. Especially during Diwali, the gold suppliers in Kolkata bag huge amount of revenue from international trading operations. Besides, Indians living in the Gulf countries order for jewelries and gold coins for weddings and pujas.

If you too have fascination for Kolkata-made golden jewelries then check out companies that are offering products at affordable rates. You neither need to go through yellow pages nor do you need to publish advertisements on newspapers to get in touch with Kolkata gold suppliers. Just log on to internet and search for the Kolkata-based b2b portals. The city-based b2b portals serve the purpose of guidebooks for people who want to know about Kolkata. You will find all kind of information on the Kolkata-based b2b portal and the gold suppliers in the city are not an exception. Just search for gold suppliers in Kolkata in any city-based b2b portal and you will be provided with a long list of names of companies that are in this trade. You will find complete detail regarding the Kolkata gold suppliers along with the prices they are offering for the products in the city-based b2b portal. So what are you waiting for? Create a database of Kolkata gold suppliers from the list provided by the b2b portals now and make sure next Diwali you present your wife or fianc?e a beautiful golden jewelry set made in Kolkata.

By Namague

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