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Freelance Take a Step Into The World of True Liberty

By Namague Jan12,2023

Freelance Take a Step Into The World of True Liberty

The society makes the rules for the people to live in a certain way, and people tend to become habituated a specific mode of life. The mind gets boxed in the way the world works, and most people tend to continue the same way things have been going for generations. Time has a way of changing the world, and people have to transform with the alteration in time. The corporations forget at times that people are not just mere cog in a wheel, and when the flow of economy comes down the pressure of performance comes down to the employees. Most companies tend to ask for more output when the level of performance of the company goes down. The added pressure can cause major health problems that are not even covered by health insurance. These are the moments people have to think that the added benefits are not worth the effort that the corporations ask of them. Freelance is the way to go when freedom to work in their personal space becomes a main need that has to be satisfied. That time always comes when the workplace feels more like a trap than a step up the corporate ladder. Office politics is also a drag down that tear up people inside. The friction between egos is a game that can cause a lot of harm than cure a problem. This is the reason letting go of such a situation becomes necessary.

Freelance is also an opportunity for young people who have natural talent to perform but never had the opportunity to prove their worth. This is an option that many have used to build a whole new career path that most people fear. This path has proven itself to be more of liberation from the norms of the world. It is a great option for single parents who have children to take care of while they make a living. A Regular job never allows a parent to make sure that their young children reach school on time, or pick them up after school. It will not allow them to go to their parents meet or find time for their extra curricular activities. This incredible crunch on time forces many single parents to shift to a more flexible mode of work. This has been the smartest move for such parents whose life is centered on their children. We all work to make a living for our families; a full time job is not worth the time if we are not able to spend time with them because sustenance can also be made with the alternative.

By Namague

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