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Link Popularity Campaigns: Beginning, Middle And End

By Namague Jun26,2022

Link Popularity Campaigns: Beginning, Middle And End

Link Popularity campaign is a methodology of many things clubbed together. Success of a Link Building campaign is not only about the number of one-way links pointing to your website. Had that been the case, high page rank through Link Popularity would have been the domain of all. It?s also the theme of the web page that has been linked to your website that counts.

Every Link Building campaign has a start and an end period. The confusing part however is that you know when it starts but you don?t know when it ends. This is because it depends solely on the results. So in order you can weigh the results, it is important to set a benchmark before you start your Link Building campaign. Decide your aim for each campaign,

How much raking are you expecting

What is the page rank you are expecting, and not to forget,

In how much time period.

When you are pitted against these three factors, you are likely to know the success and failure of your campaign, along with its end period.

In the process, do not go off track deciding the relevancy of the sites you link with. This would negate the first factor of the campaign- getting better rankings in search engines. There have been many examples of websites which have greater ?number? of one-way links, but still do not do well on the search engines. The reason is that the ?pointing websites? already have a low page rank in the search engines, and thus cannot help the linked website.

So when you are satisfied with the results, and think that you have achieved the set benchmark, you can consider your campaign close to finish. I say ?close to finish? because Link Building, like few other SEO techniques, doesn?t denote permanence. Sometimes your links are removed arbitrarily, and you are back to square one! So you can keep the particular Link Building campaign under the revised category, till the results remain intact. With achieving desired results, you can breathe a fresh air, while also keep in mind that you might have to take a U-turn anytime possible.

By Namague

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