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Simple Steps To Reduce Web Page Download Time

By Namague Aug 26, 2023

Simple Steps To Reduce Web Page Download Time

Website download time is an essential matter of concern for the internet users. As the internet is increasingly being used as an exhaustible storehouse of information, it has become a key concern for users to do their work in an efficient way. Reducing website download time therefore takes into account important web strategy from the searchers’ point of view. Typically, it’s seen that web pages take longer time to download where they contain photographs, screenshots, backgrounds etc. There is a need to follow some simple tips to eradicate this problem.

The best way to reduce web page download time is by compressing PNG and JPEG- the two popular formats of web graphics. This will solve the problem for all cases dealing with photographs, screenshots, backgrounds, clipart, buttons, headers, footers, borders etc. These two formats take up the major portion of website graphics and skillfully dealing with these two keeps the download time profitably low. Another popular format called GIF is getting outdated and so PNG and JPEG can claim the whole attention of the web developers when it comes to usability.

Photoshop, Paint shop pro, Paint shop etc. Generate PNG with a moderate compression. Advanced compression tools need to be used to compress PNG further. Opt PNG is a useful tool in this regard. Opt PNG reduces the size of PNG files considerably. The benefit of this process is that the image does not suffer due to the change but the downloading time is decreased. Opt PNG also reduces the size of the PNG IDAT data stream by various filtering and compression processes. Procedures such as automatic bit depth, color type and color palette reduction are also done through Opting leading to reduce download time keeping the quality intact.

Advance COMP is another useful compression technology for PNG using 7zip compression algorithm. By far it is regarded as the best technology available to reduce download time. In this process DEFLATE algorithm is used. DEFLATE has varying compression level from 0 to 9 where 9 is the highest level. It is essential to compress all JPEG in the website and use any of these two technologies effectively. It requires considerable expertise to handle this tool. Simple format of a website ensures faster download. While various features are to be included where necessary, unnecessary items should be reduced so as to make it compatible for fast download with various search engines.

By Namague

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