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Worlds Best Luxury Train Travel

By Namague Aug27,2023

Worlds Best Luxury Train Travel

If you are searching for interesting ideas for your next vacation, how about considering a trip that involves luxury train travel. This is an option that is now being taken up by more people on an annual basis. Traveling a long distance by train is an activity that would not be quickly forgotten. There are a wide selection of interesting and exciting journeys that can be booked, the following examples are amongst the most popular and fascinating rail trips available to vacationers.

It is worth noting that luxury train travel is a completely different experience than what most of us would associate with the railways. The suggestions discussed below are not budget options, they offer a level of comfort that we would expect from a five star resort.

There is one country in which the railways revolutionized society – India. The Indian Railway is amongst the largest employers in the world, it is thanks to the humble train that the sub-continent has prospered and progressed. The most famous rail trip in India is the Palace on Wheels. This traditional style train attracts vacationers from around the world who want to take in the sights and beauty of this ancient land in complete luxury. Starting in India’s capital, the journey involves transects the desert state of Rajastan, famous for its colorful people and enigmatic scenery.

The Palace on Wheels is not the only luxury rail service in India, there are in fact many. It pays to research the options in full so that you are not left disappointed or confused.

There are certain rail trips in the world that have a long history and reputation. The Trans Mongolian Express is one such train. This incredible journey covers a huge amount of the globe, from the Pacific coast all the way to the edge of Europe. If you can spare the time, this is an option that would not be forgotten in a hurry. Likewise, a trip on the Trans Siberian would also be remembered for all the right reasons.

If you are interested in experiencing a corner of the world that is still relatively untouched, how about a luxury rail trip in south Africa. There are a number of possibilities worth exploring that start on the southern tip of the dark continent. Nowhere else in the world would it be possible to take in such a diverse range of wildlife and natural environments.

By Namague

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