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Social Bookmarking Secrets

By Namague Jun22,2022

Social Bookmarking Secrets

Tag and ping is a method which is use by social bookmarking as well as search engine optimization.

Social bookmarking is here to help online users to categorize as well as storing their favorite links online. However, search engine have now realize the need to utilize to get their sites getting into high ranking.

Basically, tag and ping can be use to promote any websites. Either it is your blog, sales page, or website with Google adsense, tag and ping can help to promote.

Moreover, if you know about tag automator, you will be one step ahead of the other users as not much users online knows about this link building methodology which can benefit you.

So you must be asking what actually is social bookmarking. Basically, social bookmarking is a web services which help users to save the websites they like to the online bookmarking sites. In another words it means that saving your list of favorites to the website. The started of popular sites like is the help in the increasing of social bookmarking sites.

Furthermore, tag is the tool which social bookmarking sites use in organizing their content. Moreover, social bookmarking sites are also an increasing method which is used by users now in locating, classifying, ranking as well sharing resources through tagging as well as the grouping and analyzing of tags.

So what actually is a tag? Basically, it are keywords which are use to categorize in a website. This set of keywords is to make it simple for users to key so that your site can be found easier.

Additionally, tagging is a method which helps you to search for a website which is being bookmark. You can simple just enter the keyword to search for the website. Moreover, it also helps you to search for it quickly therefore more than one tag will be able to use for a particular website.

Besides that, personal bookmarks can also be share with the public whereby this is the use of social bookmarking. Other users will be able to search for your site when they entered the same tag which you have used. Hence, this can help in generating a massive amount of back links into your sites.

By Namague

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